How to learn the Drums

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I have been singing, playing guitar and even playing trumpet for 10 years, but out of them all the drums is by far my favorite instrument. There are a load of reasons but hell, no one cares why I play the drums!

I started playing the drums when I was about 10, I actually started with no drums and just a “How to play the drum kit” book. Yep, I learnt the air drums. These days though I have a full kit in the garage and I use better lessons than 2nd, 3rd and 4th hand books. These days I actually use some of the best online drum lessons around. You can find more info over at Drummer Source. Online lessons help me with a busy schedule of looking after my kid and playing in my band, not to mention teaching Drums and guitar – Yep, a teacher can still learn a thing or two about the drums.

The lessons I actually use can be used by beginners and advanced players like myself with courses covering everything from basics to advanced fills and rhythms. They keep me from getting bored and moving on when I can’t quite get something to sound the way I want it to too. That was a big problem when I was using youtube tutorials and books to learn the drums, there is no direction and out of the hundreds of drum videos I watched on youtube I can count on one hand the drummers that had the correct hand position and posture when playing… Sounds like a small problem but try and drums for 3 hours a night 5 days in a row and tell me how your back, wrists and even elbows feel after it. Anyway…

The past few months I have been playing using a new Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple kit and thought I would update my skills as well as my kit, hence the online lessons!